Patrik Tigerschiöld

Bure Equity


The jury’s announcement

The investment company Bure’s ownership philosophy is based on a deep long-term commitment – personified by Patrik Tigerschiöld. Since he took over as chair in the spring of 2013, Bure has experienced outstanding value growth, with its net asset value has increasing from approximately SEK 30 to SEK 230 and its share price from around SEK 22 to SEK 270, many times better than other listed investment companies.

Patrik Tigerschiöld is a highly skilled chair and the board work in Bure is highly structured. Everything is followed up carefully to ensure the best results and nothing falls between stools. He feels that diversity on the board is vital to stimulate valuable discussion. He is analytical and reasoning in a manner that creates an open and intellectual atmosphere in the boardroom.
A major part of Bure’s success lies in Patrik Tigerschiöld’s strengths of constantly daring to try new things, being innovative and taking calculated risks. His is an inclusive and supportive leadership style that lifts the people around him. Patrik Tigerschiöld is a prime example of how the chair can be crucial for value creation through attention to detail, openness and curiosity.

Fact file

Patrik Tigerschiöld
Chair of the Board of Bure Equity

Educational background
Master of Business Administration

Other current directorships
Chair of the Board of a number of companies, including Skandigen and Mycro­nic. Other board memberships include Aktiebolaget Garant and Ovzon.

About the company

Company name
Bure Equity

Stockholm, Sweden

Bure invests in and develops companies in order to create value growth for its shareholders as well as providing administrative services for the companies in which the company owns shares and engaging in activities compatible with this.

Bure is an investment company that was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 1993. Bure’s investments, which were valued at SEK 13.6 billion as of December 31 2019, consist of eleven portfolio companies, most of which are technology-based with a strong focus on international markets. Bure invests in the long term in both listed and non-listed companies

Key figures 171819
Exit results & fair value of investments (MSEK) 1345 2281 1472 
Profit before financial items (MSEK) 852 1826 4235 
Number of employees 272  234 226