Anders Ullberg



The jury’s announcement


Anders Ullberg took over as Chair of the Board of a Boliden in deep crisis at an extraordinary general meeting in autumn 2005 when one of the major shareholders had hurriedly left the company. Since then, Boliden has undergone a radical transformation and today it is a well-run mining company with steady profitability and a strong balance sheet.

This development bears Anders Ullberg’s hallmark to a great degree. Through his broad expertise, methodical and goal-oriented approach and an unerring ability to distinguish between crucial and less important issues, he has formed a board that has created genuine value for the company’s shareholders, employees and society. He is also a highly-skilled leader of meetings who engages everyone in the boardroom and his raw but friendly humour creates a positive atmosphere which steers discussions toward clear and well-founded decisions.

Anders Ullberg’s achievements at Boliden are a prime example of the crucial role a competent chair with a long-term focus can have on the development of a Company.

Fact file

Anders Ullberg
Chair of the Board of Boliden AB since 2005

Educational background
Master of Business Administration: The Stockholm School of Economics

Other current directorships
Chair of the Board of Industrikraft i Sverige AB, Valedo Partners Fund I AB, Eneqvist Consulting AB, BasEl i Sverige AB, Studsvik AB, Mercur Partners AB and The Swedish Financial Reporting Board. Board member of Atlas Copco AB and The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group.

About the company

Company name
Boliden AB


Boliden has engaged in exploration, mining and metal production since the 1920s and over the years has attained a highly competitive position in exploration, mining, milling, melting and recycling. Boliden’s metals are mined in Aitik, Boliden, Garpenberg and Tara, and are processed in smelters in Rönnskär, Harjavalta, Kokkola and Odda. Rönnskär is a world leader in electronics recycling and the Bergsöe smelter is among the largest in Europe in the recycling of lead. Boliden’s largest metals are zinc and copper, but the production of lead, gold, silver and other products is also of great importance to the profitability of the company.

The majority of Boliden’s metals are sold to industrial customers in northern Europe. A small proportion of metals sales goes to trading companies which then sell the metals on – often to other parts of the world. The company’s business concept is to extract minerals and produce high quality metals using cost effective and environmentally friendly methods to meet the demands of the market in the long term and create value for Boliden’s shareholders. Operations are conducted in two Business Areas: Mines and Smelters.

Key figures 12 13 14 15
Turnover (MSEK) 40 001 34 409 36 891 30 543
Profit after financial items (MSEK)
Number of employees 4 795 4 815 4 881 4 848