Carl Bennet



The jury’s announcement

Getinge is an outstanding Swedish success story. Since it was listed in 1993, the company has grown at an annual rate of 17 per cent per year, its market capitalisation has increased more than fifteen-fold, (excluding dividends), and the company is now a global market leader in several business sectors.

Carl Bennet has made a strong personal contribution to this development, not only as an entrepreneur and principle shareholder, but also as a socially committed chair of the board and an inspired leader of the work of the board. Carl has been likened to the conductor of an orchestra. He places great emphasis on building a board with a broad range of competences and experience and focusing this diversity to create a strong whole in the best interests of the company. He is careful to distinguish between his roles as principal owner and chair of the board, thereby creating the conditions for the board to act as the independent decision-making body the Companies Act requires.

Carl Bennet’s achievements as chair of Getinge are a prime example of how these roles can be combined to the benefit of the company and all its shareholders.

Fact file

Carl Bennet
Chair of the Board of Getinge since 1997

Educational background
Master of Business Administration; Honorary Doctor of Technology.

Other current directorships
Chair of the Board of Elanders AB. Board member of Holmen and L.E Lundberg Group.

About the company

Company name
Getinge AB

Getinge, Halland County

Getinge AB is a global medical technology company operating in surgery, intensive care, infection control, care ergonomics and wound care. The company provides products, services and knowledge that enable greater efficiency in healthcare, thereby freeing resources for additional care production. Operations are organised in three business areas: Medical Systems, Extended Care and Infection Control.

Medical Systems develops systems for operating units, cardiac surgery, vascular interventions, cardiac support and intensive care. These are marketed under the name Maquet, and the business area accounts for approximately half of Getinge’s sales.

Extended Care comprises patient lifts, hygiene systems, medical beds, products for wound care, thrombosis and decubitus ulcer prevention and diagnostic products. These are marketed under the name ArjoHuntleigh and the business area accounts for around a quarter of Getinge’s sales.

Infection Control develops solutions for effective cleaning, disinfection and sterilization in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. These are marketed under the names Getinge and Lancer and the business area accounts for about a quarter of Getinge’s sales.

Key figures 11 12 13 14
Turnover (MSEK) 21 854 24 248 25 287 26 669
Profit after financial items (MSEK) 3 444 3 436 3 153 1 987
Number of employees 12 427 13 617 14 723 14 858