Golden Gavel Award Winners 2014


The 2014 Golden Gavel for outstanding performance in the role of chair of the board of a listed company was awarded to Tomas Billing for his role as Chair of the Board of NCC. The role of chair of the board of a private company was awarded to Bob Persson for his role as Chair of the Board of Persson Invest. His Royal Highness Prince Daniel presented the awards at a ceremony in Stockholm on 26 November. The main speaker was Marcus Wallenberg and the moderators were Hans Dalborg and Anna Ekelund.



Bob Persson

Persson Invest

Extract from the jury’s announcement: The board of Persson Invest has a clearly defined role as an independent decision making body, and its work is performed systematically and professionally. Bob Persson leads this work knowledgeably and efficiently, but also with the great sensitivity, warmth and genuine interest in people that characterise him as a person. His work in the chair is a prime example of how a well-functioning board can add value in a company that is 100% family owned.



Tomas Billing


  • Extract from the jury’s announcement: With Tomas Billing as chair of the board, NCC has developed into one of Sweden’s leading construction companies, enjoying good and stable profitability. Since 2001, the companies total shareholder value has increased almost fivefold. This growth very much bears the stamp of Tomas Billing. With his heavy focus on long term business, his incredible energy and razor sharp analytical skills, combined with a good portion of curiosity and humility, he has successfully steered NCC through three stages of development: turnaround, consolidation and growth.