Golden Gavel Award Winners 2011

The 2011 Golden Gavel for outstanding performance in the role of chair of the board of a listed company was awarded to Lars-Erik Nilsson for his role as Chair of the Board of Axis Communications. The role of chair of the board of a private company was awarded to Lars Göran Johansson for his role as Chair of the Board of Willio AB. His Royal Highness Prince Daniel presented the awards at a ceremony in Stockholm on 1 December. The main speaker was Jan Eliasson.

Lars-Göran Johansson


Lars Göran Johansson

Willio AB

  • Extract from the jury’s announcement:
    His business experience and extensive knowledge of all of the functions within a component production company, combined with his accessibility and deep commitment, make him a vital sounding board for the Managing Director. He has thus made a crucial contribution to Willo’s development as a global leader in its field… Willo AB is one of many such companies that form the backbone of the Swedish corporate sector.

Lars-Erik Nilsson


Lars-Erik Nilsson

Axis Communications

Extract from the jury’s announcement:
Over the years, Axis has experienced exceptional growth while maintaining consistently high profitability, and the company is now one of the global leaders within its field. This development is very much a result of the work of Lars-Erik Nilsson. His calm, warm approach instils confidence and optimism throughout the organisation. His extensive international experience has enabled him to guide the company through many challenges during its rapid growth.